Ninja Warriors Training

Capitol Warriors training is fashioned after the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior's. Under the leadership of Director and Coach James Stewart (previously a competitor on the TV show) this program trains kids age 6+ how to properly and safely training on the same type of obstacles used on the show. Classes are $55 per month and run 55 minutes long. The coaches may move them up a level at anytime during the month if they advance through the progressions. They start with a 10 minute warm up then 45 minutes of instruction.

Classes currently run Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. You can sign up through our registration link. We offer 3 different levels of difficulty. You can call and set up a trial class to get evaluated for your level of difficulty. This is a great activity that you can do while playing other sports that can also help train and strengthen your body!

  • Beginner: The Recruits
  • Intermediate: The Specialists
  • Advance: Special Ops

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