Capitol Dance Crew

Captiol Dance Crew is a fantastic program that is new to CCC! We have two competitive teams now and one forming.

Dance Teams are structured the following way:

  • Placements in Summer 
  • Choreography in Late Summer
  • Performances begin in Fall 
  • Local Competitions begin in Winter
  • Final Competition in Spring 

Dancers can add during the season, however, they will be expected to come in for additional lessons to learn all material previously taught. Usually a series of 3 private lessons with a dance instructor will be sufficient. 


  • Cheaper, monthly tuition - $85 a month depending on age
  • 4 Competitions with no overnight travel
  • One Practice Day per week
  • 8 month committment vs 12 month
  • Uniform Fee that is under $200
  • Lower Choreography fee

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