James Stewart

Coach James has been coaching tumbling for twelve years and has cheered on teams for Stephen F. Austin State University, Spirit of Texas, Infinity All Star and Apex Cheer. After graduating from University of Houston with a Bachelors in Marketing, his passion for tumbling and the development of future athletes has kept him in the cheer industry. His background includes gymnastics, martial arts, rock climbing and parkour. Coach James found his second passion training and competing on the well known TV show American Ninja Warrior. He competed on the live show during season 7 at the Houston Regionals. With 5 years of training for the show, Coach James has had the privilege of training with well known Ninja Warriors such as Sam Sann, Daniel Gil, Tremayne Dortch, Thomas Stillings, Drew Drechsel and many more. With the opportunity to coach both tumbling and ninja warrior, James moved to Missouri to build an outstanding program that encourages our future athletes to push themselves mentally and physically in both tumbling and ninja warrior.

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