Capitol Kids is the home of Capitol City Cheer. This all star program has been one of the leading programs in the industry since 2002.

Are you asking yourself, 'Do I have what it takes to be a part of a program like this?' Read below.

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Well I am glad you asked!

Lets explore that question.

What does it take the be an all star athlete? Do you work well with others? Would you like to learn to work with others? Have you ever learned what it means to be a part of a team environment? 

I think we can all agree it is important to learn how to function within a team environment in all aspects of life. That is one of our goals here at Capitol Kids. To help athletes become not just a part of a team but a leader among their peers through learning to work together to overcome obstacles greater than themselves. Lets face it some goals in life can ONLY be reached through teamwork!

You might think you don't have what it takes to do all the tumbling and jumping skills or your a little on the shy side and being in front of a crowd isn't really and option.

This brings me back to something I said in my first point of overcoming the obstacles of life. One of the biggest obstacles in life is the fear or risk. The fear , 'I am not good enough,' and, 'I might embarrass myself,' are common among kids of all ages. We have a program that will suit the needs of those kids that don't seem to have much athletic ability or those that are highly athletic. Hard work beats talent every time. We offer entry level teams and advance highly competitive teams.

We have a team for every type of athlete and every type of schedule.

One of the biggest obstacles for parents in managing their kids schedule in a way that allow them to participate in character building activities. For that very reason we have developed multiple levels of programs that allow those parents to have options. See below...

Show Teams: This is a team that is seasonal. During the spring and summer we offer a mini season 3 month program that is 1 hour per week. They will learn a short routine that includes jumps, basic stunts, some tumbling, and motion/dance choreography. This is a non-competitive program that will perform locally for the community at the end of each mini season.

Prep Teams: This is what we call a half year team that starts in August and end in April. They practice 1 time a week for 1.5 hours. There is no require skills to join. These teams are a semi-competitive team meaning they will go to and compete at 4 events during the season in a prep division. Again these are entry level teams with the purpose of having fun learning the sport of competitive cheer and a great place to start for anyone not sure what to expect.

All Star teams: These are the most popular teams in our gym because they are highly competitive. We take these teams to 6-8 competitive events throughout their season which runs from May-April. These teams do require the athletes involved to have level appropriate skills to join them. One thing that is unique about our program is we offer a summer practice schedule that is family friendly. What I mean by that is we offer what we call, 'two weeks on two weeks off' summer practices. This means they families in our program get to enjoy family vacations without the pressure of missing important team practices. Right after school we take 2 weeks off. Then we practice for 2 weeks straight 6 days of the week. Then again we take 3 weeks off for the 4th of July and back at it for 2 weeks in July. Lastly right before school starts at the end of July we take 2 more weeks off. This allows us to get roughly 25-30 hours of practice in each month and allows families to have 3 'breaks' to take vacations or visit family over the summer.

Come check out why we are one of the longest lasting gyms in the state of Missouri!

Joining the Family

 YES! YES! The answer is yes, you can become an ALL STAR!

Capitol City Cheer has show, rec, prep, and all star teams. We are also bringing back the SPECIAL NEEDS program! There is a place for you.

The 2016-17 All Star teams are in underway, we have a few spots available for the right person. More details to come. email if you are interested in a spot. 

Prep and the Special Needs teams will start in August 2016! Call now if you need more info: 573-761-5425

It is easy to join a team, you decide on your time and financial commitment to cheer. We have teams for every budget and schedule!

To join a class or team, call the gym @ 573-761-5425 or stop by Monday -Thursday from 11:00am - 1:00 pm or 3:30 - 8:00 pm daily.


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